Well known for his prowess as a gigolo, trend setter, bon viveur, fancy dude, tango dancer and oaf. Has many other attributes but a private detective has had to be hired to find out what they are.Is currently "in between jobs" as an opening bat, leg spin bowler and DNA investigator and any offers will be considered.
Joined the club

By sneaking in under the radar.
Current position in the club

Usually in the toilet.

Homer (because he never leaves the crease)
Rodriguez (just look at the photo)
Smudger (someone has just seen his passport)
Previous clubs

The Springfield Sprinters

Most memorable moment

Running 2 runs

To get an all run 4.
Favourite TV programmes

The Simpsons
Strictly Come Tango Dancing
Other hobbies

Collecting DNA for his blackmail pursuits.
Tango dancing in the nude.
Most embarrassing moment

Discovering his own DNA.
Waking up to find he'd grown a "bindi".


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